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Hi, I’m Ana.

Together with my certified team at Booster:LAB, we help your business or your NGO to get found and generate qualified leads, sales, and raise funding. We deliver superior digital marketing programs to our clients by being methodical, experienced, and focused on specific metrics.


Delivering an exceptional customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. We invested considerable time learning the technical language, the wants, and the needs of our customers. We have what it takes to excel where others fall short.

With 22 years of progressive business experience and a history of going above and beyond to turn ideas into reality, to challenge the regular path, the limiting beliefs, and to built discomfort muscles, I strongly believe we are all unique, worthy, significant, whole, present, and connected.

Tapping into these universal human needs, I like to constantly challenge myself, the limiting beliefs, and built discomfort muscles, so we can live and work to our greatest potential. I am a result-oriented person and I enjoyed a variety of executive, successful start-ups, and entrepreneurial positions, establishing a meta functional and cross-industrial expertise.  Along the way, I have learned to recognize mistakes and to grow from them.

My constant dedication toward self-improvement and discipline has been a key factor in my becoming. 


My favorite wins are at home: a 16-years relationship, two teenagers, dear friends challenging my beliefs, and amazing mentors guiding me along my way. I am a curious mind and an adventurous soul, always trying to become, never to fit in. 

You may or may not have an internal digital marketing department. 

We are here to help you grow your business and beat the competition by leveraging the latest digital marketing strategies and tactics.

We hope you’ll join us.


Ana M. Nedelcu 



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